Ask HN: Best Way to Contact YouTube
445 by S_A_P | 126 comments on Hacker News.
I woke up this morning to an email from YouTube stating that my channel is banned for repeated violations. They didn’t specify what I violated but it could be anything from copyright to hate speech. Let me explain the content of all 5 videos on my 11 year + old channel. 1) a video of a squirrel that carried half a loaf of French bread along a fence and jumped into a tree. He dropped the bread during the jump but somehow managed to one hand/paw catch the bread and save it. 2) a friend of mine who was unable to ride a spring horse on a playground. 3)my son reacting to a scene from the movie hot rod(cool beans) this was a private video. 4) music video of my own music. No samples or other copyrighted material contained.
5) another music video also with no copyrighted material. I submitted a request to the YouTube forum but I suspect that is a black hole where support requests go to die. I’m not really all that upset and I have all the videos that are on the channel locally but the 1 strike you are banned seems awfully extreme. The fact that I wasn’t told that something was flagged or given any sort of heads up is really what bothers me. How can I get YouTubes attention?

By hd2and

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